Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flashback: Fall Tablescape

Let's take a walk down memory lane and revisit last year's Fall Tablescape shall we?

An intimate table for two. There is nothing I enjoy more than an enchanting dinner with my husband. Cozy and warm inside by the fire while taking in the views of the crisp autumn scenery outdoors.

This meal offers a very simplistic set up. Enjoying the fantastic view of the patio.

An ornate silver charger grounds each place setting. The second layer is an elegant white plate with black and gold filagree detail.

 Next is a salad plate with gold ivy border.
On top is a ceramic pumpkin bowl with stemmed lid.
A small soup toureen, clear goblets, and fine silverware complete each seat.

The centerpiece is a simple pumpkin perched atop an antique urn set on a bronze pediment. The gold candelabra offers a romantic touch.

Thank you for letting me reminisce.

Chargers- Imperial Silver circa 1970
Plates, bowls, silverware, goblets, candelabra- Re-Ment Japan
Pediment: Clock parts
Urn: repainted Barbie piece
Lg pumpkin: Hobby Lobby floral craft
Table/chairs: Barbie
Windows: Barbie cottage
View: my patio

Happy Crafting!



  1. I recognize the dollhouse your using in the background, my favourite childhood dollhouse <3

  2. I collect Barbies. and I have 2 dream houses one from 1962 and one from 64. The one from 64 does not have the furniture that went to it. and your site has given me inspiration to just put other furniture in it instead. love your site btw


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