Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

In honor of football season winding down I thought I'd share a favorite diorama I created in 2009.

Da Bears Den
(yes, that's how we refer to the Chicago Bears around here!)

Want to know how I did it? Well...that back wall is a large piece of cardboard covered in scrapbook paper. The bar is from the Bratz London Pub playset, I just covered the beverage dispenser with beer labels printed from the internet.

Barbie says hello..and welcome!

The wooden shelf was a thrift store find. Bears helmet from a gumball machine. Liquor bottles courtesy of the Gloria bar playset found on the auction site.

These fabulous little chairs were from the My Scene Mall playset. They were in the food court. Love the style and shape of these. Bistro table is a candle holder with a wooden coaster on top. Sandwich and soda are from a Barbie set.

There is an abundance of artwork to be found on-line. If you are planning on using these in your own dioramas you may print for personal use but I do not recommend printing art images and selling them. That would be copyright infringement.

This stone wall I created using a foam core base and hand cutting "stone" out of egg cartons! (the paper kind-not foam) I applied with regular old white glue, used spackle for grout, white washed then sealed with three coats of poly. 

Scrapbook embellishments make great decorative frames. (see picture at top)

My middle son loves football and collects mini figurines. This is one of his treasures that I borrowed for my photo shoot. You can get a better look at the beer labels in this photo.

That's it! Cheers..and thank you for visiting. What are some of your clever recycling tips for creating fun and fabulous dioramas? Do share! I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Featured Fan:

You have to check out this amazing Barbie dollhouse makeover by one of Inside the Barbie Craft Room readers. Amy from PA has transformed a High School Musical playset into a fantastic rendition of  Monster High. 

  Amy designed all the graphics herself. I love how this is so unique, colorful and ties in so well with the running on-line episodes of this popular new doll line. Aren't the wooden doors such a fun touch? Oh, and you have to look closely at the coffin-bean vending machine! Too cute! This lovely playset is currently on auction. Hop over & take a peek!

Amy also sells her graphics in wallpaper form so that you can transform an ordinary bookcase into a OOAK Monster High playset of your own. Check out her other items while you are there. 

If you would like to be a featured fan on Inside the Barbie Craft Room drop me a line! I love to hear from my readers.

ssdesignsdollinteriors  at

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Halloween...Trick or Treat 2011

Welcome to the Black Widow's lair. She is ready to celebrate all Hallows Eve.

Dressed in her finest gown and ready to hand treats to the little ones who dare to venture to her door.

We have our first visitors..pardon me while I tend to their treats.

"Please help yourself to your favorite chocolate bar"

"Thank you"

Won't you have a chilling cocktail or tasty arachnid cookie?

Don't mind Norbert...he had an unfortunate accident

I have some tasty arsenic tea for the end of our evening.

Why leave in such a hurry? Was it something I said?

Please come visit again soon!

Happy Halloween to my faithful that fall sports are winding down and my running six days a week are coming to an end I will again have time for more frequent blog posts & most importantly more tutorials!

Thank you for sticking with me!

Happy Crafting

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School

Mom: "Sally, are you packing your lunch like I asked?"
Sally: "Yes, momma..I have everything right here"
Mom: "Do you have healthy snacks?"
Sally: "Ummm...yes...I think so"
Mom: "You think? Do I need to come help you?"
Sally: "NO!! Stay there momma..I can do it myself!"
Mom: "What the what?"
Sally: "BUT MOMMY..they are my favorites!"
*shakes head in disbelief
Mom: "Nevermind. I think we will take hot lunch this year"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Dollhouse Project: Barbie's Dream Mansion

I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself.  My birthday gift came early this year.

My hubby bought me this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G custom built Barbie mansion. It is HUGE! Roughly five feet tall by four feet wide by two feet deep.

It is solid and constructed with 1/4 inch plywood. 

Traditional victorian style with bay windows on either side of a main entryway.

This was a previously loved home that has seen a lot of play time over the past ten years. A completely blank slate for me to finish and customize in whatever way I choose! 

The doorway is 12 inches tall so even in heels Barbie clears the opening. I may make the opening just a little bit bigger so I can install an operational door..which I will have to build from scratch since there are no ready-made doors in the 1:6 market large enough to work. 

The stairs are built just like in real life with stringers, risers and treads. Need to build window frames too.

Testing out a dry fit of the kitchen layout. The entire Kenmore Kitchen fits along the outside wall but it makes the eating area a little cramped. With the fridge on the other side there is room to move around the breakfast nook. I can just imagine this kitchen filled with all kinds of re-ment! The ceiling height is 16 inches.

One optional layout for the bedroom.  The room is large enough not only to house a full canopy bed but a sitting area as well.

 **This is a new custom bed I've been working on which will be available for purchase soon! Just need to finish the mattress and sheet.

And a full view of the left side of the dollhouse just because it makes me happy. :-) I have the MOST amazing husband!

Follow along with me as I finish this house! Can't say for sure how long it will take. I have never finished a wooden dollhouse before. 
I would love to hear from anyone who has finished a proper dollhouse for advice! Suggestions? Opinions? I love comments! Don't be shy.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Crafting!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tablescape: Sushi and Seafood Smorgasbord

Welcome...please come in and have a seat.

All kinds of delectable treats await you...

My master chef was busy all afternoon preparing this feast for my guests.

I hope you brought an appetite...

We have sushi...and seafood...tropical fruit...a veritable smorgasbord feast!

Perhaps I can interest you in a glass of white wine?

I so enjoyed our visit.

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Crafting!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barbie Craft Project: Farmhouse Table

Super simple craft project. Inspired by a recent trip to a fabulous little craft store where I found some fun little 3-D letters made out of MDF. This cute little table popped into my head and I knew I had to have them. 

A little nod to Pottery Barn farmhouse style.


3-D Letter X (2 of them)
Wooden Dowel
Pine Craft Wood
Wood Glue
Wood sealer
Craft knife
Drill / Drill bits

Step 1: Find the center of the X.

Step 2: Drill a hole in the center of the X large enough to allow the dowel to pass through.

Step 3: Determine the length your dowel needs to be to support the two x's. To figure the length out I set up the x's and set the pine board on top. I left about a quarter inch overhang on each side, marked the dowel and cut to length.

Step 4: {Optional} I wanted my table top to look like boards rather than a solid piece of wood. I divided my wood into three sections with a pencil. Then score over the pencil lines with a craft knife be careful not to cut all the way through.

Step 5: Stain the tabletop (both sides so it doesn't warp). Or if you prefer you can paint it or leave it natural.

Step 6: Glue the dowel in place. Allow to dry thoroughly and paint the entire table base.

Step 7: Seal the tabletop.

I left my tabletop separate from the table base for ease of storage. You could attach yours if you wish. This particular table is just a smidge taller than an actual Barbie table so if you do not have any chairs that fit it you could use it as a kitchen island.

Here's my new Barbie kitchen. A tutorial on that project in the near future.

Linking to Transformation Thursday @ The Shabby Chic Cottage

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Barbie Craft Project: Tile

Quick and easy project that has a multitude of possible applications. There are a variety of ways to create scale tile, this is one method that I use frequently.


Thin cardboard (scrap from a notebook, cereal box, or scrapbook tablet)
Xacto knife or scissors
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Scrapbook paper,  contact  paper or wallpaper in suitable pattern (example: granite, marble, solid, wood, stone)

Step #1: Lay your scrap of cardboard on top of your piece of patterned paper. Trim paper just slightly larger than the cardboard.

Step #2: Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the cardboard. **Note-Mod Podge is waterbased and will cause the cardboard to warp slightly. This is ok.

Step #3: Lay your patterned paper face down on your work surface. Place the cardboard on top of the paper-glue side down.  Press down firmly with your hands. Start in the center and work your way to the edges to remove most of the air bubbles.

Step #4: Place a stack of magazines or heavy books on top until the glue dries. This will flatten out the cardboard.

Step #5: Trim the excess paper to the edge of the cardboard using a straight edge & sharp xacto knife or scissors if you can cut really straight.

Step #6: Draw a grid on the back side of the cardboard the size you want your tiles. I made mine 2 inches by 2 inches. This will equal a real life 12 inch square tile.  **Hint-look at websites that sell tile for size & design ideas.  1" x 1" = 6" RL tile, 2.5" x 2.5" = 18" RL tile

Step #7: Cut along your grid lines. Voila you have tiles!

This will make a fantastic backsplash for a kitchen, a great floor or fabulous surround for a fireplace. 

Here is one example of this tile used in a Barbie sized setting. I customized a vintage Sears kitchen fashion doll playset and added my own backsplash:

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting!
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