Friday, January 7, 2011

Retro Diner Love

When I first started collecting furniture and props in Barbie size I happened upon a fantastic deal at Big Lots on fabulous Bratz playsets. Since I have all boys in my house I had not seen any of these gems when they were available via regular retail establishments. I have to thank my fellow collectors for turning me onto these detailed pieces. They have so many components and are versatile enough for many different scenes. I particularly love the Retro Diner Cafe. It is a great foundation for displaying my Rement and Orcara restaurant themed miniatures.

This is the cutie patootie playset-

One word of warning..the playset is NOT's more of a deep pink color. Something to keep in mind if you are looking to acquire this set for photos.

The coffee pot is to. die. for. I used it in a coffee themed grouping a few years ago:

I LOVE the Mickey Mouse Cafe series by rement. So far I've only purchased the burger set and can't wait to get the remaining pieces. Of course I had to purchase in pairs. How does that saying go...double the pleasure...double the fun? LOL...or something like that. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

In the background you can catch a glimpse of the Orcara Caca Food Shop series. Also known as Popcorn Sweet Snacks (or at least I've seen it listed for sale that way).
This set is a smidge too small for 1:6 scale but the details are amazing and I HAD to have it. Fortunately the rear counter of the Diner is extra short so these pieces fit in just right!

Yes, that says Cara Orla...and it looks like it is really dispensing soda!

The hotdog set is super cute too. The hotdogs look like they are cooked!

The blender is part of a fruit smoothie set but I thought of it for milkshakes in this diner. Now if I could only get my hands on an old fashioned mini milkshake machine I'd really be happy...add to the list of "wants".

I had a few visitors during my little photo shoot. My Silkstone waitress stopped by to check the place out. I promptly put her to work filling orders.

One of my brown eyed girls made herself at home perched on the counter no less.

She couldn't stop eyeing the milkshake so I relented and let her have it. I'm a sucker for those baby brown's. :-)

 Until next time..

Happy Crafting!


  1. Walmart now has erasers that are the shape of many unusual objects. I have a little bag of doughnut items, a bag of fast foods (pizza, soda, hamburgers, etc), and many more. It's about $2-$4 per bag. You can find them in the area with the Lisa Frank stuff.

  2. I've been wanting this Bratz set for ages. I have the back shelves and front counter, but none of accessories and... I. Want. That. Coffee. Maker! ;)

    I'm going to repaint mine and use it for a store (for my painted appliances). I'm so jealous you found these at Big Lots. :D


  3. i have this diner stuff. i have two and put them together because i have so many items for it. i bought some and made some. i have a lot of waitress ginny dolls that i put in there too. i look in all departmens of the stores for anything i think might fit. how do i get my diner pics on your site??? would love to have you see it. thanks for any info. diane

  4. Diane: If you would like to send me pics of any of your dioramas send them to: I would love to see them!

  5. ok ill do that thanks. i love to show off my things. you seem like the kind of girl who is just like me but maybe on a bigger scale, you that is. i have a great dollhouse too. i love to do vinettes of all kinds especialy of the 50's. diane


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