Monday, January 23, 2012

Romantic Tablescape

A little eye candy to tide you is almost Valentines Day after all.

Victorian Tea Tablescape

Happy Crafting!


  1. Hello from Spain, congratulations for that room so elegant. I really like how you left the table with fruit desserts. The blue chairs are very nice. it will be a good meal to celebrate Valentine´s day. I see a new entry soon. I love you job. Keep in touch

  2. I love the little scene, i specially like the angelstatue.Your dolls have a
    Happy Valentines Day for sure.

  3. Hi!
    New follower here!
    My dolls just started their own blog in which they're building their own house/shop... so I think your blog is going to be very helpful!

  4. Oh, my! Is this a doll house dining area? I thought it was real! Incredibly detailed, just wow!

  5. Hello Heather & welcome! Would love to see you have a link to your blog?

    Blessy: This is actually just a temporary set up..but yes it is in miniature-Barbie sized. The back wall is a piece of scrapbook paper taped to a large piece of cardboard. The furniture & accessories fill in the "room". I'm so glad you like it!! I just love to photograph my minis. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.


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