Saturday, November 3, 2012

Diorama Prop Alert

With winter holiday season just around the corner, check the Christmas ornament aisle at your local retail stores.  Craft, big box, hardware, home decor and even grocery stores sell tree ornaments.  You can find many items suitable for Barbie in amongst the holiday decor. 

 Wally world is selling these adorable faux chandeliers. I found black & blue. They are covered with glitter and have the most charming sparkly beads. You can make these even more charming by stringing beads between the arms. Even though they do not light up, they still add a layer of glamour to your dollhouse or diorama scene.

They also have these delightful trees that look like they are made out of peppermint candy ribbons. Look for this tree to make an appearance in an upcoming holiday diorama. 

Picture frame ornaments are fantastic too. These black ones are from Wally world. I love the ornate details. Made out of resin, they are meant to hold a photograph. You could put in a craft mirror, printable artwork, images from cards or old books, and even your own photo to create custom art for Barbie & friends.

What great treasures have you found lately? Any tips for using non-doll items in a doll setting? I'd love to hear your comments!

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  1. I picked up a couple of the black chandeliers about a week ago. They also had the cutest wire reindeer that will make great doll lawn decor.

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your purchases. I love the chandeliers. I have to visit the shops in my town and see the Christmas decorations to use in my Barbie house. You have great ideas ... We keep in touch.

  3. Hobby Lobby has a set of decorations (in the mini-tree area) that has a full set of tools (saw, hammer, drill, etc). They may not be exactly 1/6 but they are close. Last year HL had little coca-cola coolers that were close to 1/6 scale, too.

  4. Hi,congrats for finding such great items!! :)
    I always keep looking for non-doll items that I can use for my dolls,sometimes I am lucky enough to find something great sometimes not,but I still keep looking lol :)
    Followed you,I have a barbie blog please follow me at: thanks :)

  5. Hi, my name is Anabelle hart i just started a new blog it have made a few barbie dioramas myself ,hope you can check it out sometime at, your blog is great! love -Anabelle hart

  6. I got a few Chandeliers, Dress Forms and lamps that are ornaments from Walmart for $1.79/ea


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