Monday, August 31, 2009

Creating the Craft Room

So, this week I decided that my banner needed a photo. What better representation for this blog than a Barbie sized craft room. After perusing many fantastic images of craft rooms on Google, I finally found one that inspired me. This gorgeous room was created by the very creative Heather Bailey. You can view her design studio here. After pulling several Barbie size tables from my prop cabinets, I determined that I did not have anything that would work. So a trip to Target was in order. Although the Barbie aisle was unusually bare, I did manage to spot the new Dream Dining Set. I had previously passed it by thinking the table seemed too small for a dining room set. Upon closer inspection I thought it would make a fantastic desk or work table. (and the little accessories it comes with are actually very cute! especially the charger plates)


Close up of the marvelous table-I love the curved legs and the details on the pedestal base.
I was very fortunate to already have in my possession a little bookcase that was very similar to the two arched one in her studio. That became my jumping off point for this space. I have always loved the shabby chic look with a nod towards French Country.

Here is a photo of the initial furniture grouping, prior to any repainting. I like to pull together pieces ahead of time and try to visualize them altered. I then decide on a color pallet and start painting!

Next time...view the painting process and the finished results!


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