Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome to Barbie's Craft Room

I frequently receive emails asking how I create a particular piece of furniture or vignette featured in my OOAK EBay auctions. Although I try my best to answer each email personally, it has become apparent that another method of communication was necessary. I wish to share my knowledge and methods I have conceived along the way. While perusing my writings you will discover behind the scenes glimpses of what it really looks like in Barbie's World (as imagined by me) and that I enjoy injecting humor along the way. In the past I have attempted to create tutorials on my website SS-Designs Doll Interiors but I feel that these step by step instructions lack a bit of finesse. This seems to be a better option for me to communicate to my inquirers. Putting my sometimes chaotic thought process to cyber paper will hopefully help me keep my ADD tendencies at bay. (anyone else working on 10 projects simultaneously?)
 Happy crafting and enjoy your visit Inside the Barbie Craft Room.

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