Friday, June 18, 2010

Taking A Break

From the dollhouse project that work on some auction photography. (seriously-the doll stuff is taking over around here & I need to clear some space).

Decided to take some photos before listing on without further adieu...a celebration of the warm weather we've been having...

Can you guess what item is for sale in this pic? LOL...
I want to demonstrate how FANTASTIC
this little beach chair is.

I'll post a link to the auction when it's ready.

Now..more play time...

I think my faux stone wall is my most used prop...
it makes many appearances. Can you believe
that it's made from egg cartons & spackle?
Really! I'll have to do a tutorial soon...
All glued to foam core. Folds flat for storage.

Tan scrapbook paper on the floor sort of resembles
the color of sand...and some fake palm leaves
from the craft store add some depth.

The yummy cocktail in the background was taken off
of a cocktail stir stick...(thanks to my handy dremmel tool)

Side table is a candle holder with a Barbie plate on top...
everything else is actual Barbie accessories.

I still have this diorama set up...I'll post round 2
pics along with a behind the scenes shot soon!


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