Thursday, July 22, 2010

Still Busy with Auctions

Working on clearing out excess inventory so that I can customize new pieces. I have a HUGE project in the works that I can't wait to share!

I LOVE this oversized soaking tub. It is PERFECT for the larger Fashion Royalty dolls. Since I am no longer collecting the tall one's I've decided to put this gem up for sale.  Darius is demonstrating how large the tub actually is.

You can see the auction here. *nothing currently available!

I have 42 items listed this week. Already working on next week's listings!

Have a great week! I'll give you a sneak peek soon on my BIG project.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shameless eBay Plug

Forgot to mention that I have lots of goodies available on eBay. Mostly larger fashion doll clothes for the 16-17 inch gals. Some really cute Barbie pieces as well. Making room for new OOAK inventory! Take a peak if you'd like:


Just some of what I have listed...

Cheetah Print Chaise for 17" dolls

Mid-Century Modern Barbie TV Cabinet w/TV & Accessories

Upholstered pin cushion chair

My Scene Party Pad TV Unit & Columns Barbie Size

Until next time...Stephiejo

Tiny Doll Madness

I'm not sure what possessed me to take the plunge but I've gone over to the dark side of collecting. The world of BJD's. Tiny ones at that. I've been fascinated by those enchanting faces and amazing articulation. On a whim I asked hubby if I could get one. He said yes!! So I proceeded to order this teeny, tiny, itty bitty sweet faced Lati. Does anyone know if she can wear Kelly clothes? I certainly hope so! At just under 10cm she will be just right for all the Kelly furnishings & accessories I've seemed to accumulate.  I see a little girl's room diorama in my near future. Now the wait begins.  Did I mention that I'm an impatient individual?

Photo courtesy of Latidoll.

Hubby says the eyes freak him out a bit. I hope that's only temporary! Isn't she stinkin' cute? What was I thinking?


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