Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School

Mom: "Sally, are you packing your lunch like I asked?"
Sally: "Yes, momma..I have everything right here"
Mom: "Do you have healthy snacks?"
Sally: "Ummm...yes...I think so"
Mom: "You think? Do I need to come help you?"
Sally: "NO!! Stay there momma..I can do it myself!"
Mom: "What the what?"
Sally: "BUT MOMMY..they are my favorites!"
*shakes head in disbelief
Mom: "Nevermind. I think we will take hot lunch this year"


  1. She was going to have a nice feast with all those cavity creating snacks!

  2. That's an adorable set up! It's easy to see someone's got a sweet tooth! :)


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