Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Halloween...Trick or Treat 2011

Welcome to the Black Widow's lair. She is ready to celebrate all Hallows Eve.

Dressed in her finest gown and ready to hand treats to the little ones who dare to venture to her door.

We have our first visitors..pardon me while I tend to their treats.

"Please help yourself to your favorite chocolate bar"

"Thank you"

Won't you have a chilling cocktail or tasty arachnid cookie?

Don't mind Norbert...he had an unfortunate accident

I have some tasty arsenic tea for the end of our evening.

Why leave in such a hurry? Was it something I said?

Please come visit again soon!

Happy Halloween to my faithful that fall sports are winding down and my running six days a week are coming to an end I will again have time for more frequent blog posts & most importantly more tutorials!

Thank you for sticking with me!

Happy Crafting


  1. How cute. Nicely done as usual. Glad to see that you will be with us more regularly.

  2. Hello again from Galicia in Spain, I had not updated but I do love the update of the Halloween party. Thanks to seeing your blog I decided to create one but my skills are really harmful and I do not get anything right. In case you want to spend my blog is: Thanks and continues as well as before. By the way, how is the work of your new home? Have you made any changes? Please keep us informed we are eager to see the final result.

  3. This is so cute! Great job on it. Love your work :)

  4. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! Hope you all have a safe & fun Halloween...more posts very soon.

  5. Hope you did have a nice Halloween.I really love your pictures.


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