Friday, December 9, 2011

Featured Fan:

You have to check out this amazing Barbie dollhouse makeover by one of Inside the Barbie Craft Room readers. Amy from PA has transformed a High School Musical playset into a fantastic rendition of  Monster High. 

  Amy designed all the graphics herself. I love how this is so unique, colorful and ties in so well with the running on-line episodes of this popular new doll line. Aren't the wooden doors such a fun touch? Oh, and you have to look closely at the coffin-bean vending machine! Too cute! This lovely playset is currently on auction. Hop over & take a peek!

Amy also sells her graphics in wallpaper form so that you can transform an ordinary bookcase into a OOAK Monster High playset of your own. Check out her other items while you are there. 

If you would like to be a featured fan on Inside the Barbie Craft Room drop me a line! I love to hear from my readers.

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Happy Crafting!


  1. Hello from Spain: the house that is sold of the Monster is very similar to that your you redecorated of High School. By the way, you already did some work with the super house that to you your family gave? I am wishing to see new entrances. We follow in contact of blog blog (

  2. Hi Marta! I have not started the large wooden dollhouse as of yet. I am working on a grand plan first so that I can finish it properly! Thanks for stopping by and you have a fab blog!

  3. What an Incredible Job! Awesome work flipping a doll house. I LOVE IT!

    I was wondering if you could pretty pls tell me where you found your background pictures? I'm dying to do some artwork and I've searched the web high and low and can't find anything suitable like your. I would greatly appreciate the help pretty pls.

    if you have them on hand still can you pls email me at and possibly help me out by sending them to me or tell me where i can find them pretty pretty pls.

    1. If you are interested in the background pics for this particular dollhouse you can find them on eBay. Amy designed these specifically for the MH dolls. You will not find these images on google. Search Monster High School Doll House Kit on eBay: seller ID rilianscove. Thanks for stopping by!


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