Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mr. Bunny Spring Tea Party

It is almost time to celebrate Easter! Children will be dressed in their pastel finery, gathering eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. Such a fun way to welcome the arrival of Spring!

Welcome to Mr. Bunny's humble home..won't you come in and have some tea?

That is Mr. Bunny himself seated in the wicker chair. The backdrop is Barbie's fold up cottage with the insides removed and painted white. (original color was blue). The wicker is real and was made for 11.5 inch fashion dolls in the 70's. I found mine second hand and spray painted it a rich chocolate brown. Hand sewn pillows add a vibrant pop of color.  Coffee table is a plastic Barbie piece faux finished to look like wood. Most of the dishes are made by Re-Ment. The exception is the green rimmed plate which is made by Kitchen Littles.

The incredible details on the Re-Ment cakes make my mouth water....mmmm....so yummy! Notice the tea inside the teacups? Yeah...great attention to detail by Re-Ment. 

Re-Ment even made the little daisy boquet...and that leaf plate...one of my favorites!

Oh, and Mr. Bunny...he's a miniature I found at Michael's Craft store a few years ago. He's jointed too!

Hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

Featured Fan Friday will have some great eye candy and fabulous history lesson & miniature tips!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I have Mr. Bunny. He belongs to one of my babies.

  2. Hello from Spain: some fabulous photos. I love the detail table. The table is beautiful. I like the cups and dishes. Have a beautiful furniture. Keep in touch.

  3. You have made a lovely scene, i love everything about it . My favorite are the leafe plates.
    Happy Easter to you too.

  4. Happy to know about your tea party. Few weeks ago, I arranged a garden party with my family and friends at one of the lovely Venues in NYC. Decorated venue in a grand fashion with help of decorator and had an excellent party with all of them.


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