Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kitchen Littles Stoves: White 1996 vs. Pink 2009

The topic of the original KL stove verses the newer one came up in conversation with a customer of mine.  I thought that I would share the comparison with all my readers.  

The Kitchen Littles brand appliances are darling, realistic replicas that work well with the  10 to 12 inch fashion dolls.  

It measures 6.5 inches high, 5 inches wide, and 4 inches deep.  

The cooktop is 5.75 inches from the floor. The center of the burners are metal with black grates around the outside.  The back of the stove has a detailed sticker decal and a silver painted dial that is molded into the plastic. The dial is decorative not functional.

 The four dials in the front of the stove are  actually buttons that when pushed will give realistic kitchen sounds.  The button on the far left makes a ticking timer sound that dings when it's finished. The second button makes a sizzling bacon sound.  The third button sounds like a whistling tea kettle.  The fourth and final button will turn on the oven light.  The oven is operable with a cute silver rack so that Barbie can bake her cakes and casseroles. 

The drawer at the bottom opens up for storage of pots and pans, a must have in a small Barbie kitchen! 

I really like the depth of this stove back. It creates  a ledge that you can prop spice jars on to make a realistic looking display. 

The battery compartment is in the back and there is no on/off switch.

The Hot Pink KL stove is equally cute, although slightly different in its design.  It measures 6.5 inches high, 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. The stovetop height is slightly shorter than the original at 5.5 inches from the floor. 

The back stove panel incorporates a control panel decal, although I am disappointed that the back of the stove lacks the depth of the original. 

The burners of the newer model look more like a gas stove. The knobs on the front of the stove all turn and make a clicking noise as you move them. 

The knob on the far left will raise the "flame" in the left front burner. The knob on the far right will raise the flame on the right front burner. The two middle knobs turn but do not provide any function. The really neat part of this newer model is the way the stove makes sounds. If you put an item on the left rear burner, it will make a sound like a whistling tea kettle. (no more button pushing!). If you place an item on the right rear burner it will make a sizzling bacon sound!  

The battery compartment is also in the back and includes an on/off switch. This is a great addition if you want to use the stove without hearing the noises.  Sadly there is no kitchen timer feature with this model, but you do get a faux digital clock! 

The oven is also operable and I like that the oven grate is more centered in the oven rather than at the bottom of the original.  (oven decals are NOT included-I added after I purchased) A bonus feature, the light in the oven turns on when you OPEN the door! No button to push.

 There is a storage drawer as well and it's quite a bit smaller than the original.

Side by side comparison of the drawers:

Overall I think both stoves are fantastic.  I added a rub on decal to the glass door of my pink one to give it a little attitude.

One more look side by side:

If I can get my hands on any more of the original KL stoves I will certainly add to my store. I have the pink version in stock new in the box.

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Happy Crafting ~


  1. Sigh. Realistic diorama pieces make me weak in the knees! I have to remember KL. And that I don't need another doll stove!

  2. Hello from Spain: I congratulate you on the comparison you make of these kitchens. The two models are very beautiful and real. I really like the oven door of the kitchen pink. keep in touch.

  3. This gas range is really good. It contains a lot of feature that everybody will love.


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